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In Tel Aviv, as well as in more than 350 cities in the world, DotTransfers is a guarantee of excellence in limousine services.

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Tel Aviv Limo Service

Known as the ‘Middle Eastern city that never sleeps’, Tel Aviv is an effervescent destination with plenty of attractions and able to rival any major city in cultural splendor and night-time marvels. Hire the best private car service for airport transfers in Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) and all your ground transport services in Tel Aviv.

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Jerusalem may only be 80km up the road, but culturally, socially and psychologically it may as well be a million miles away. Visit the city where traditional kippas are swapped for sun visors, gefilte fish for sushi and quarried stone for poured concrete.
The city combines its liberal, laissez faire attitude with low-level development and interconnected neighborhoods. Despite Tel Aviv’s wealth of sights, its cultural highlights take the lead and tourists can find everything from pristine beaches to vibrant nightclubs. Tel Aviv’s beaches are among the most desirable spots on the Mediterranean, and several amusement parks receive thousands of thrill seekers every year. The city’s markets and shopping complexes bustle every day of the week, while 24-hour hotspots keep the city’s nightlife well and truly alive.
Ben Gurion Airport (TLV), also referred to by its Hebrew acronym Natbag, is the main international airport in the city and connects Tel Aviv to all major destinations around the world. From places throughout Israel, Tel Aviv Limo Service makes a large number of visits each month to and from Ben Gurion Airport. The support is supposed for travelers and businessmen, private businesses, and households, and contains front door pickup, assistance with baggage, and transportation to and from the airport.
Touring with Tel Aviv Limousine Service by DotTransfers is actually a trusted relaxed, and well -organized transport alternative that contributes positively for the general experience of traveling international and returning home.

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When offering support for especially large groups or delegations, the organization runs lots of extra vehicles via subcontractors, including luxurious full‑size trip vehicles, as necessary.

Our fleet includes:

Tel Aviv Limo Service provides a full solution for companies that order excursions to/from Ben Gurion Airport for employees and attendees who arrive at Israel for participation in business or leave Israel gatherings, exhibitions, congresses, activities, worldwide conferences, or for any other purpose. The solution includes journeys to/ under a particular arrangement from Ben Gurion Airport, with concerns made via a practical and effective screen adapted for the customer´s certain needs.


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3_03Hire the best private car service for airport transfers in Tel Aviv Airport (TLV) and all your ground transport services in Tel Aviv. Save time in booking your rides and make the best of your experience in the city of Tel Aviv. Manage all your transfer services from a single place.


Objeto-inteligente-vectorial4-_03DotTransfers is a global platform that improves ground transportation bookings. In Tel Aviv, as well as in more than 250 cities in the world, DotTransfers is a guarantee of excellence in private transfers. Sit back and enjoy the view: DotTransfers will take care of the rest.


1_03Our fleet ranges from standard and executive sedans to auto vans, minibus, vans and buses. Whether you are visiting the city for the very first time or dropping by for a business meeting, at DotTransfers we are ready to suit all your transport and logistics needs in Tel Aviv.


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